The Critical Review

In the spring of 2018, I redesigned and worked with a team of other students to develop a new website for Brown's Critical Review, a course review publication which was established in 1976.

The site's development incorporates Node.js, Express, MySQL, Passport.js, EJS, D3, HTML, CSS, and Shibboleth authentication.

Updates coming soon, but for now, check out our GitHub documentation.

This Critical Review overhaul included both the public-facing publication, and the internal management site, Staff Central.

Staff Central has multiple permission levels for all positions within the student group. It allows writers to upload their summarized course reviews, input the metrics from individual students (which are then automatically processed into interactive D3 visualizations).

The use of this site peaks twice a year, when it's time to choose classes. The CR team requested an "approachable and friendly" visual identity, to minimize the stress that often accompanies course selection. In planning the new art direction for the Critical Review, I wanted to centralize Brown University, as the publication is specific to this school.

I've included examples of screens from the former site for comparison. It was less inviting, the data visualizations were difficult to interpret, and the interface was outdated and hard to navigate.