Information Design
These three pieces of print design were produced for Doug Scott’s “Mapping Information” course (Spring 2018, RISD).
3 trips Visualizations

3 Trips

This poster maps three distinct journeys through the visualization of many datasets, both qualitative and quantitative. An overview of all 3 trips is present at the top, offering a comparison of their geography, distance, and cost.

Hope College -> RISD Design Center
Hope College -> Guilford, CT
Hope College -> Halifax Airport (via Boston)

A sample of the datasets included:

3 trips sketches

Philippines Country Profile

This accordian book provides a statistical profile for the Philippines in 12 pages. Highlight pages are included below.

OJ production process infographic

How It's Made

This poster explains the process of creating orange juice using visuals with minimal text.


  1. Plant
  2. Water
  3. Wait
  4. Harvest
  5. Transport
  6. Sort
  7. Wash
  8. Squeeze
  9. Strain
  10. Separate by pulp
  11. Bottle
  12. Retail
  13. Consumption

process sketches