The Jabberwocks

The Jabberwocks are Brown University’s original a cappella group, established in 1949. As The Jabberwocks’ designer and brand manager for two years, I faced two main challenges:

Collateral: album artwork, posters, online publicity campaigns, photography, motion graphics, books, physical artifacts, more.

Album Design

Graphics designed and posted on social media platforms to count down days until the album release.

Cover Artwork for 'Roommates' album, released December 2019.

Cover Artwork (Singles)

Concert Publicity

A selection of concert posters printed and hung across campus and throughout the city of Providence to publicize Jabberwocks concerts and other events.

Poster animations, to be shared by members, friends, and fans of the group as stories on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

A selection of graphic banners designed for Facebook events and online sharing. These pages serve as The Jabberwocks’ primary medium for directly inviting audience members and processing RSVPs.